ULDBUltra Large Data Base
ULDBUltra-Long Duration Balloon
ULDBUrology and Lithotripsy Devices Branch (US FDA)
ULDBUltra Light Displacement Boat
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Seeking to expand the role of scientific balloons, NASA is now approaching the home stretch for making its ULDB available to the scientific research community.
With ULDB promising much longer flights at stable altitudes, scientists are beginning to raise their expectations for what they can achieve with a scientific balloon.
Advances made as part of the ULDB project have already been used within and beyond the ballooning community.
In all of these areas and more, the design and materials advances issuing from the ULDB program alter the functional ground rules.
The ULDB is a sealed vessel that can withstand the pressure differences between day and night.
"Trajectory control is the biggest technological leap for the ULDB," says Smith, the project's manager.
NASA's Olympus Study Group identifies ambitious scientific missions and the corresponding technology in both Earth and space science that would benefit from ULDB's platform.
To have a chance of attaining the higher speeds, the Essex, Conn.-based Chance knew that the monohull craft had to be a ULDB type.
Fast, buoyant ULDB craft tend to ride rough, Chance noted.
The observatory, which will consist of a telescope affixed with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen emission line detectors carried on board an Ultralong-Duration Balloon (ULDB) will not only map out the distribution of interstellar medium in the Milky Way, but also within its satellite galaxy - the Large Magellanic Cloud.