ULFTAUkrainian Labour Farmer Temple Association (Canada)
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(17) In 1928, ULFTA tried to send its own report to the Comintern, outraged by the negative view of Ukrainian comrades presented in the Party's official report; the latter, claimed Popovitch, was based on "falsehoods" and "nonsensical accusations" secured through "uncommunist methods." One charge relating to Robitnytsia editor Irchan was that the ULFTA youth study groups he led read no Marxist authors.
Jewish LL (later the UJPO), the FOC, and the ULFTA. (37) They visited
After Bernice Crowe's (nee Haluschak) father passed away in the late 1930s, her mother Stella, a member of the ulfta, decided to take in boarders to support her family.
(90.) LAC, CSIS RG 146, Volume 3835: "ULFTA, Seventh National Convention, 1926."
Largely focused on ULFTA headquarters in Winnipeg, I show how theatre was instrumentalized to attract, entertain, and educate.
Hinther gives a powerful retelling of the banning of the association during the war years and the internment of ULFTA activists.
In the days just prior to and following the declaration of war on Germany after its invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939, Edmonton newspaper coverage included such stories as the breaking up of a meeting of communists in the wake of the Nazi-Soviet Pact and a pledge of loyalty to Canada by the ULFTA. According to the Edmonton Journal on 5 September 1939, a statement issued by the ULFTA at its provincial headquarters at 10628-96 Street declared that its "members would take their place with the people of Canada and the British Commonwealth of Nations to defeat German aggression." The organization said it represented "close to 3,000 Albertans." (8)
A number of years ago, when I presided over the closing of this grand old place, one of its original members gave me a book published in 1930, an "Almanac" of Canada's ULFTA between 1918 and 1929.
As the Globe reported, there were "occasional scattered boos and jeers at the mention of the police, but there was nothing resembling a disturbance." Still, at the conclusion of the meeting, those in attendance reportedly "sang the International and gave three cheers for the eight Communists in the penitentiary." (84) This gathering evidently caught the attention of the TPC; just two days after, the commission revoked the ULFTA'S hall licence for the Ukrainian Labour Temple.
John Petrochenko, a Ukrainian immigrant, ULFTA member, and Page-Hersey worker, for example, was elected to the Crowland School Board.
My parents were members of the Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association, a mouthful, which shall be referred to here as the ULFTA.
According to the list shared by the Bureau, three Pakistan-base agencies including Ulfta Enterprises, Faith International operating in Rawalpindi and Al Wasio Interntaional, Lahore were not allowed to run their businesses in the country.