ULIDUniversally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier
ULIDUtility Local Improvement District
ULIDUpper-Layer Identifier
ULIDUniversity Logon ID
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But there were times when lengthier mourning periods were desired, (9) concluding with a grand mungkas ulid (the lifting of the mourning restrictions).
A mungkas ulid consisted of two events: obtaining a new head (ulu mata); and the following death's-head dance (kukui).
As the kukui could only take place a) when the mourning person or family felt sufficiently at ease (naii genaa raat) to hold the ceremony, and declare so publicly; and b) had all necessary means required to hold the mungkas ulid, the earliest this could occur was effectively at least 100 days after death, but seldom more than three years on.
A man or woman, the lama mbua, then led the procession, singing the praise of both the host and the deceased person for whom the mungkas ulid was being held.
The "kukui song" which Pudarno cites (2014:13) could refer either to the refrain (uii-uii-uii) sung by the company of dancers during a kukui procession, or to the praise of the host by a special singer (lama mbud) in a mungkas ulid (the conclusion of such a mourning period).
Such female debt-slaves (but not when still children) were usually the ones used for sacrifice if a head was needed for an end of mourning ritual (mungkas ulid).
Among the services needed is one in which an appraiser appraises a wide variety of property classes and participates in the public hearing process by undertaking a special benefit/proportionate assessment study for a local improvement district (LID) or other special assessment districts, such as utility local improvement districts (ULIDs), local utility districts (LUDs), and road improvement districts (RIDs).