ULIEUkrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
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Also, as shown in Figures 2(b) and 2(c), treatment of the extract with SV from Halla Mountain (HLME) and Ulleung Island (ULIE) significantly decreased lipid accumulation of 3T3-L1 adipocyte cells at concentrations 10 and 50 [micro]g/ml.
ulie gave a moving opening address thanking the many and various sponsors and congratulating everyone on both the money and awareness that had been raised.
The American book and movie market had laid the groundwork for the nation's interest in bees: The Secret Life of Bees (Kidd, 2003); Robbing the Bees (Bishop, 2006); and still in my aesthetic memory, Peter Fonda's great work in Ulie's Gold (1997), the movie about a bee keeper and his amphetamine-addicted daughter.
The topsoil of the Abakaliki and its environs supports the growth of crops such as yams, rice, beans, cassava, maize, palm oil and oil seed (which is locally called 'ulie').
ULIE FLEETING has pinned her footballing hopes and dreams on the glamour of the American pro leagues.
When Du Deffand expelled J ulie de Lespinasse from her home in 1764, the philosophes gathered in her humble quarters until her early death in 1776.
With the addition of J ulie in 1993 and Dennis Carey in 1988, we have built a powerhouse capability able to help boards with their recruiting requirements.
ulie Cecil was in reminiscing mood after her progressive sort Herb Of Grace had proved a particularly game winner of the seven-furlong nursery to supplement the Rudimentary filly's success at Warwick last month.
ULIE Walters is recalling a scene on the set of Channel 4 series Indian Summers, in which her character, the delightfully conniving Cynthia Coffin, was required to carry a tray.