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ULIRGUltra Luminous Infrared Galaxy
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Caption: A STARBURST GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY If you want to witness galactic cannibalism firsthand, look in the direction of Ophiuchus toward NGC 6240, a ULIRG around 350 million light-years away.
The most obvious known sources for this background light were Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs), large galaxies that appear to be undergoing a sudden burst of star formation.
IRAS 19297-0406 is part of a class of galaxies known as ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs).
I had always leaned more towards Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs) with high star-formation activity but didn't really know until now.
Observations of luminous (LIRG) and ultra-luminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGS) also were described.
Material is in sections on the molecular ISM in ULIRGs and starbursts, the atomic ISM on large and small scales, molecular gas in bars and disks, megamasers in starburst galaxies, starburst and AGN activity, superwinds and stellar clusters, and starbursts and active galaxies at high redshifts.
Moving beyond the Milky Way, IRAS found objects dubbed Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs), which are forming stars 100 times faster than the Milky Way does.