ULJUniversity of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
ULJUpper-Level Jet
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In the 1960', the main players in informatics were the INTERTRADE enterprise, Ljubljana, that played the main role in most of the business companies by supplying them with the IBM technology on one side, and on the other side ULj and NIJS, where NIJS was the main initiator and action performer.
Greg Lindsay, a participant in the ULJ Symposium, and a journalist,
COURT'S OPINION: The Court of Appeals of Minnesota ruled that the ULJ did not err by determining that Connie Hanson was ineligible for unemployment insurance benefits.
Relator appealed the determination of an unemployment-law judge (ULJ) that she was ineligible for unemployment benefits because she quit her job without good reason caused by her employer, respondent.
See Norman Redlich, "The Publicly Held Corporation as Defamation Plaintiff" (1995) 39:4 Saint Louis ULJ 1167 at 1171-73.
(14) Meir Shamgar, "On the Written Constitution" (1974) 9:4 Isr LR 467 at 469; The Honorable Dalia Dorner, "Does Israel Have a Constitution?" (1999) 43:4 Saint Louis ULJ 1325 at 1325.
An Unemployment Law Judge (ULJ) refused to issue subpoenas for Lutheran's records.
Relator challenged the finding by an unemployment law judge (ULJ) that did not quit her job for a good reason caused by respondent employer.
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The unemployment law judge (ULJ) made findings of fact and conclusions of law consistent with Nurse Humenik's failure to show evidence of good cause for her leaving her employment.
The Court of Appeals concluded that the ULJ complied with its earlier remand instructions and did not decide the case in an arbitrary and capricious manner.