ULLOSUSAREUR Lessons Learned Operating System (US Army)
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This component facilitates the way learners upload their ULLOs to the server whenever and wherever they learn.
As shown in Figure 3(3) and Figure 4(right), the system generates simple multiple-choice quizzes based on the metadata of the stored ULLOs. For example, the idea of "quiz with image" is to ask a learner to choose an image that describes the word given by the system.
The ULL navigator provides mobile augmented reality that allows the learner to navigate through the ULLOs. Like Wikitude ("Wikitude," n.d.) and Sekai-Camera ("Sekai Camera Web," n.d.), it provides a learner with a live direct view of the physical real-world environment augmented by a real time contextual awareness of the surrounding objects.
When learners are moving around with their mobile phones, the system sends alerts to the phone as soon as they enter the region of ULLOs according to the GPS data.
Since this research is based on our previous work (Ogata et al., 2010) in which we used the active mode to register ULLOs, we need to make it clear how the passive mode differs from the active mode.
However, because of the storage problem and some other technology limitations, photos taken by SenseCam are lower in quality; they are however of sufficient quality to be used as ULLOs.
In this research, we focus on reducing the workload when reviewing the photos, and propose a system that can filter the photos to help learners review and upload ULLOs easily.
Learning chances - Differences in number of ULLOs uploaded per day
We examined the number of uploaded ULLOs among these three learning methods.
In this chart, the horizontal axis shows the four subjects, and the vertical axis shows the average number of ULLOs uploaded by each subject.
Learning quality - Can learners remember uploaded ULLOs that are taken unconsciously in passive mode?