ULLSUnbundled Local Loop Service
ULLSUnit Level Logistics System
ULLSUnconditioned Local Loop Service (copper wire telephony)
ULLSUnilateral Lower Limb Suspension
ULLSUniversity of London Legal Series
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References in classic literature ?
But I don' know what Parson Irwine 'ull say at his gran' favright Adam Bede a-turnin' Methody."
The very grindstone 'ull go on turning a bit after you loose it."
Miss Mary's i' th' house, and Mester Burge 'ull be back anon; he'd be glad t' ha' ye to supper wi'm, I'll be's warrand."
Folks 'ull think it's a judgment on me as I've got such a child,--they'll think I've done summat wicked."
Master Tom 'ull know better nor buy such things another time.
'Lady vants to know vether nothin' 'ull do you good.'
We, if the piebald stands at livery much longer, he'll stand at nothin' as we go back, and p'raps that 'ere harm-cheer 'ull be tipped over into some hedge or another, with the shepherd in it.'
'It 'ull hold him easy, vith his hat and shoes on, and breathe through the legs, vich his holler.
'Wonders 'ull never cease,' added Sam, speaking to himself.
But what I vote is, as two of the sensiblest o' the company should go with you to Master Kench, the constable's--he's ill i' bed, I know that much--and get him to appoint one of us his deppity; for that's the law, and I don't think anybody 'ull take upon him to contradick me there.
It is necessary to support re-calling their past ULLs. During this learning process, the system support learners to recall what they have learned by using a quiz as shown in Figure 5 (Li et al., 2013; Ogata et al., 2014).
New forms of governance are being developed and tested in cities, such as urban living labs (ULLs) (Voytenko et al.