ULLS-GUnit Level Logistics System - Ground
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Significantly decrease the delay between identifying a fault and getting a part put on order in the ULLS-G box.
ULLS-G, SAMS-1 and -2, and SARSS are somewhat antiquated in that, other than FTP, the only way to transfer data between them is by floppy disk.
When data are transferred between ULLS-G and SAMS-1, ULLS-G provides SAMS-1 with direct support (DS) maintenance requests and the status of organizational work orders.
When a floppy disk is used for data transfer, ULLS-G writes data to the floppy disk, the operator carries the disk to the SAMS-1 location, and SAMS-1 reads the disk and writes status information to it.
During dispatch operations, the ULLS-G computer reviews operator data for the dispatcher and verifies equipment qualifications.
ULLS-G, SAMS-1, and the new Enterprise transition system, SAMS-E (Enhanced), are designed not only to support ground maintenance tracking but also to support and sustain other day-to-day operations.
The first step is for the commander to direct the standing operating procedure (SOP) changes needed to promote a partnership between the arms room or supply activity and the maintenance section in which ULLS-G, SAMS-1, and SAMS-E are located.
The initial setup process for using ULLS-G, SAMS-1, and SAMS-E in the maintenance shop is labor intensive.
The original thought behind transferring the information into ULLS-G was to make it easier to cross check training when units try to dispatch a vehicle.
You should continue inputting the data into ULLS-G. Then you can print a DA Form 348-E for local command requirements.
He looked up the part he needed for item 12 in the -24&P TM and passed the NIIN, name, and 5988-E to the ULLS-G clerk.
Once the mechanics completes the repairs and the 5988-E, the ULLS-G clerk will print a new 5988-E for the vehicle.