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ULOUniversity of London Observatory
ULOUser Led Organisation (UK)
ULOUnified Land Operations (US Army)
ULOUltra Low Oxygen (cold storage)
ULOUniversity Liaison Officer (various organizations)
ULOUnliquidated Obligation
ULOUitgebreid Lager Onderwijs
ULOUnmanned Launch Operations (US NASA)
ULOUsed Lube Oil
ULOUnidentified Lunar Objects
ULOUpland Los Olivos (Upland, CA)
ULOUmbrella Learning Object
ULOUser Logical Outputs (programming)
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Maski sa harapan ng headquarters ng human rights, putulin ko 'yang ulo mo.
ULO also mobilised its proprietary equipment to support the process of installation and filling of the grout bags.
The next term of office for Ulo Kaasik starts on 9 July, and that for Madis Muller starts on 1 September.
BCTs are flexible and adaptable combined arms elements and are capable of fulfilling core competencies associated with ULO, and therefore have the capacity to meet the RAF mission requirements among others.
And those who were familiar with targeting understood the process when dealing with a longer (1-week) targeting cycle, such as that of recent counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq--but not when dealing with a 24-hour daily cycle, as is the case with ULO. This faster-paced cycle was something that most senior officers and NCOs had forgotten about and few junior officers and NCOs understood.
As an added bonus, the ULO is adaptable to any electrical power supply, as its power consumption is below 250W (less than a small household appliance).
Another problem of the industry is the misuse of used lubricants oils (ULO) that are needed for reclamation of plants.
Roberts, of Capel Ulo, Holyhead, was not asked to enter a plea when he appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court, and spoke only to confirm his name.
The network, which passed the government's Operational Feasibility Test (ULO) in August, will be introduced in Bandung, Batam, Denpasar, Jabotabek, Medan and Surabaya in Indonesia, to begin with.
A revision of his 1994 dissertation, first published in Estonian in 1998, Ulo Valk's The Black Gentleman presents readers with an impressively thorough and comprehensive study of the role of the Devil in Estonian folklore.
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