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ULOSUniform Level of Support
ULOSUniform Level of Service
ULOSUnobstructed Line of Sight
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Even the fruit of his skill, various products have been born, not only making tapanuli woven cloth handicrafts in the form of songket and ulos, but also various derivative products such as tapanuli fabric tissue and Tapanuli motif bags.
O Decreto no 56981/2016, do Municipio de Sao Paulo, regulamentou tres atividades de compartilhamento de veiculo e uso intensivo do viario urbano municipal: (a) exploracao de atividade economica privada de transporte individual remunerado de passageiros de utilidade publica; (b) a carona solidaria e (c) o compartilhamento de veic ulo sem condutor no Municip io.
The expected head in (21) would be the adverb of direction ulos. However, it is replaced with the adverb of location ulkon.
(46.) Joni Purmonen, 2d part, in Tuomivaara and Purmonen, Ulos hakeista!
For example, it is documented that in 1925-26 many Toba Batak in the Toba and Samosir areas performed the gondang and in 1929 people in Silindung presented a water buffalo and an ulos (ceremonial shawl) to a Dutch officer to the accompaniment of the gondang and tortor.
Writing off ULOs prior to closing out contracts can be seen as low-priority and risky behavior by some because future costs (e.g., additional expenditures identified during close-out) are unknown.
(10b) spurs pomppas+i asteiko+lta ulos nets Spurs bounce+PST.3SG scale+ABL out Nets rysaht+i pohja+sta lapi (Qadp) crash+PST.3SG bottom+ELA through
More specifically, the Army seeks better utilization of funding received to fight the Global War on Terrorism, to harvest unliquidated obligations (ULOs) and unobligated prior-year balances to pay debts, and to obtain more timely and accurate accounting information.
The other area was the tri-annual dormant unliquidated obligation (ULO) review.