ULOSAUnit Level Open System Architecture
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Ang di po alam ng marami, sila ang katapat at unang tagasalo ng stress, at pati na minsan, ng init ng ating uloSa akin nga po, totoong nagkaroon ng sistemang may aide ang Pangulo, para tulungan sa trabaho ang nakaupo.
Ulosantoin a potent insecticide from the sponge Ulosa ruetzleri.
Ulosantoin, a potent insecticide from the sponge Ulosa ruetzleri.
lineage, a Spongia ulosa stuposa say, smoking sperm.
For comparative purposes, we also collected similar samples from plants with roots covered with the encrusting (rarely massive) sponge, Ulosa ruetzleri (Mycalidae), into which rootlets are produced only occasionally, and from plants with roots fouled by the red alga Acanthophora spicifera, into which rootlets are never produced.
8 2 Mycale magnirhaphidifera 0 10 Tedania ignis 9 1 Ulosa ruetzleri 7 3 Cnidaria 0 10 Aiptasia pallida 0 10 Relationship between sponges and adventitious root production
Metamorphic success among larvae (both attacked and unattacked treatments) was high (64-100%) for Callyspongia, Monanchora, Mycale, Pseudoceratina, Tedania, and Ulosa, but low (0-50%) for Calyx and Niphates.
The most common ([greater than] 10% of sections) massive sponge species used in this experiment were Ulosa ruetzleri (33% of the transplants), Tedania ignis (28%), and Haliclona implexiformis (12%).