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ULPUnfair Labor Practice
ULPUltra Low Power (Bluetooth)
ULPUniversité Louis Pasteur (France)
ULPUpper Layer Protocol
ULPUser Liaison Program
ULPUnit in the Last Place
ULPUnity Labor Party
ULPOne Unit in the Last Place (floating point numbers)
ULPUnleaded Premium (gasoline)
ULPUniversal Life Policy (insurance)
ULPUser Location Protocol
ULPUneven Level Protection
ULPUnequal Loss Protection
ULPUnsere Liebe Post (German)
ULPUn-Leaded Petrol
ULPUnit Level Prototype
ULPUltra Low Chamber Pressure
ULPUltra-short Light Pulse
ULPUpper Lubricator Package
ULPUniversity Liaison Program (various locations)
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In addition, the ULP membrane is characterised by the highest hydrophilic surface of all Lewabrane types.
The conception, design, set up and management of a ULP demand flexibility and high resources in skills, time, and money, which is hard to envisage in a public framework only.
To measure CPU core efficiency, ULPBench-CP performs a variety of functions commonly found in ULP applications; among them are memory and math operations, sorting, and GPIO interaction.
Integrado por Ministro, Jefe de gabinete, rector de la ULP.
The immediate point is that regardless of one's political leanings, the evidence indicates that the ULP bars fall utterly short of achieving their purpose and are also harmful to American citizens (in addition to immigrants).
The new and innovative ULP technology targets not only cordless phones but battery powered devices in general - especially applications in which battery life is an essential issue.
In this study, however, the Ohio State team found the first evidence of a ULP cepheid evolving as a more classical cepheid does.
Attorneys will also appreciate the thorough explanations provided for changes in the revised ULP Case Manual and information on the Rules and Regulations, the FOIA Manual, and other NLRB documents.
John's maintained that the Commission's decision applying the exemption to the striking claimants without finding any causal connection between the reasons for the strike and the prior ULP findings against St.
Veronique Bernard is Directeur de recherches CNRS at the ULP, Strasbourg.
Es cierto que la seleccion de las ULP de un texto puede abrir una caja de Pandora que impida establecer con certeza los limites del despojo, pero estas estructuras son el resultado de un proceso de repeticion mediante el cual se institucionalizan como unidades de lengua, por lo que "reflejan habitos de pensamiento y estructuras culturales" (Blasco Mateo 2002: 35) que no pueden captarse si solamente se estudia el lexico univerbal.