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ULRUniversité de La Rochelle (French: University of La Rochelle; France)
ULRUninsured Loss Recovery (insurance)
ULRUltra Long Range (disc golf)
ULRUnion Learning Representative
ULRUltra Light Rail
ULRUpward Light Ratio (luminaire measurement)
ULRUniversity Learning Requirement
ULRUnit Leaf Rate
ULRUltra Long Reach (fiber)
ULRUnleaded Regular (gasoline)
ULRUltra Long Range Aircraft
ULRUpdate Location Request
ULRUncorrelated Low-Rank
ULRUnassigned Land Reserve
ULRUltimate Lateral Resistance (of a driven or bored pile)
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2005 found a positive correlation between RGR and ULR and explained the RGR reduction by reduction in ULR but not in LAR.
through IPXI in the form of a ULR, the buyer will thus purchase 1,000
The ULR group had been close to the DAC, while the New Left Review initially supported the Committee of 100, whose leaflets were inserted (as I well recall) between its pages and a member of which, Alan Lovell, participated in a long and prominent interview about direct action and civil disobedience (although he had by then resigned from the board).
The ULR was tested just before the Berger 300-grain VLDs appeared; so 300-grain Sierra MatchKings were tried with three powders.
It therefore, appears that the main effects of mycorrhiza root colonization on tomato seedlings growth could be attributed to mycorrhiza mediated increases in ULR and RGR resulting in high fresh and dry biomass production.
Recommendation ULR Samurai International 1pt 9-2 Coral
On September 7, 2004, ULR sent an e-mail to Prudential executives indicating that both ULR's and Prudential's positions were in jeopardy because of Cigna's rate quote.
The final regulations coordinate application of the ULR with Regs.
The course includes information about the role of the ULR, working with members and employees and top tips for a learning workplace.
The generic scope of the ULR role has evolved into one that addresses both individual and collective interests.
Welwyn Components has launched its ULR Series, low ohmic value resistors to minimize power consumption.
Stepping Stones seems to be a bit of a quirky type but there is no doubt she possesses the ability to take the ULR Norwich Maiden Stakes at Yarmouth.