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ULSUniversal Licensing System
ULSUniversidad de La Serena (Chile)
ULSUse Less Stuff
ULSUltimate Limit State (British steelwork standard)
ULSUltra Low Sulfur (vehicle fuel)
ULSUpward-Looking SONAR
ULSUltimate Limit States
ULSUser Location Service
ULSUnified Logging Service (SharePoint Logging System)
ULSUltra-Large-Scale Systems
ULSUser Level Security
ULSUnited Library Services (book wholesaler; Canada)
ULSUp-Link Station (Galileo System)
ULSUnbundled Local Switching (FCC)
ULSUnsecured Loan Stock
ULSUniversal Learning System (artificial intelligence)
ULSUpper Limit Switch
ULSUnit Level Switch
ULSUpdate of Legacy Systems
ULSUniversity of Liggett School
ULSUnité Légère de Secours (French: Light Rescue Unit)
ULSUniversal Load Simulator
ULSUnité Logique de Sauvegarde (French: Backup Logical Unit)
ULSUnité de Logements et de Services (French: Housing and Services Unit)
ULSUniversity Laboratory School (various schools)
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As a result, the new VINNAPAS EP 3360 ULS dispersion enables the formulation of low-odor and very-low-emission interior coatings with excellent performance and cost-in-use benefits.
At ULS, we believe we have done that and we will continue to do that.
At 12 months, 0 and 4 women in the SSLF and hysterectomy with ULS groups, respectively, met the primary outcome.
ULS said that the acquisition is expected to be immediately earnings enhancing and will significantly boost the group's compliance offering.
Along the way, Sanders and ULS have picked up a host of commendations.
Un hito importante en la elaboracion del texto, lo constituyo el III Seminario Nacional de Investigacion en Educacion Geografica, realizado en La Serena en julio de 2012, actividad organizada por el Programa de Educacion Geografica del Departamento de Ciencias Sociales y apoyada por la Vicerrectoria Academica de la ULS.
A back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals that these numbers rival diesel efficiency and if mogas is factored into the equation, flying a 912 iS-equipped aircraft is substantially less expensive than the equivalent 912 ULS.
Turkish Technic, ULS Cargo Turkish Technic reached a maintenance services contract with ULS Cargo to provide C checks on three A310Fs through the end of the year.
Xenemetrix's S Mobile ULS portable analyzer has been specially adapted for ultra-low-sulfur applications.
ART twins had more than double the risk of perinatal death compared to ULS SC twins, although the risk was similar to that of all SC twins, including identical twins," said Michele Hansen, from the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Western Australia.
They compare interactivity dimensions and corresponding interactive functions of Web-based learning systems with ULS, and offer a technical framework for a successful incorporation of interactive functions into ULS.