ULSABUltra Light Steel Auto Body
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Clark also found that the ULSAB vehicle, with its steel content optimized for low mass and strength, would generate a lifetime total of [CO.
1 Comparison of car's body parameters produced form different steel sheets Weight [kg] Torsional stiffness [[degrees]/Nm] Car's body based on typical 300 > 15 000 high strength steels ULSAB 210 > 19 000 Car's body skeleton based 160 > 25 000 on austenitic steel sheets Tab.
The ULSAB [Ultralight Steel Auto Body] projects woke everyone up to the untapped potential that exists with steel," says Juddo, "and showed what can be done if the effort is expended.
As designed in Phase I of a multi-phase project, the ULSAB cuts the BIW weight by 25% while increasing torsional rigidity by 60%.
car arose from a weight reduction exercise Lotus used to create the Ultra-Light Steel Auto Suspension for the steel industry's ULSAB program.
Not on ly did they do the calculations to prove that an ULSAB vehicle was possible, but in 1998 they actually built a body-in-white to show that is was more than conceivable to cost-effectively build a car that is light (25% lighter than standard sedans) and which could realize significant fuel savings.