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ULSIUltra Large Scale Integration
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This technical resource for engineers and researchers in the semiconductor fabrication industry presents guidelines on various techniques for growing single silicon crystals, for silicon wafer preparation for very large scale integration (VLSI) and ultra large scale integration (ULSI), and for the analysis and evaluation of silicon wafers.
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As semiconductor/electronics technologies and micro-/ nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) rapidly progress, thin metal films are widely used as interconnecting wires in the ultralarge-scale-integrated (ULSI) circuits [1, 2] and coatings [3] in many optical components and electronic devices.
compile 15 chapters that explain the status, developments, and new materials and methods for advanced interconnect technology for the creation of Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) devices, from physical principles to design, fabrication, characterization, and application of new materials for nano-interconnects.
Papers from the conference describe recent work in the field of ULSI interconnect technology including metallization, dielectrics, integration, packaging, design, and vertical integration.
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As strong demands for operating frequency continue to rise, a team of developers from Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi ULSI Systems Co.
In MOSFET and ULSI process design, oxide defects may limit device reliability, especially if the oxide thickness has been scaled to a few atomic layers.
Single electron transistor is progressing towards logic applications to improve performance of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits (ULSI) and metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor.