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ULTUltimate (Loads)
ULTUltimo (Latin: last month)
ULTUnlimited Tax
ULTUniversal Lighting Technologies (Nashville, TN)
ULTUniversity Learning and Teaching (various locations)
ULTUltra Tracker
ULTUltra-Low Temperature
ULTUltra Tracker (file format)
ULTUnit Level Traceability (Intel)
ULTUniversité Libre de Tunis (French: University of Tunis; Tunisia; est. 1973)
ULTUnit Level Training (US Navy)
ULTUpper Limit of Normal
ULTUtility Litigation Team (USAF)
ULTUnderwater Location Transmitter
ULTUltra-Large Telescope
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Chi-squared tests were used to analyze factors associated with misuse of ULT. Multivariate binary regression was used to analyze the predictors of and independent risk factors for ULT misuse in AH.
Descriptive statics were generated for age, gender, ANB, SN-MP, SN-UI, NLA and ULT. Pearson correlation was used to evaluate association between SN-UI and ULT with NLA.
The study enrolled 13,608 patients with newly diagnosed gout and normal kidney function who initiated ULT with allopurinol; these patients were compared with 13,608 gout patients (matched by propensity score) in the THIN database who did not start ULT.
The mobilization of uric acid from tissues that occurs with the initiation of ULT often results in an acute gout flare (also known as a mobilization flare).
The dry ice-based BioT ULT Transporter is a portable system that addresses common methods of cooling that are insufficient, such as placing valuable biospecimens on dry ice in a Styrofoam box.
To produce reliable res ults the analys ts mus t follow s ys tematic procedures .
Cette haute institution a choisi d'installer un systeme de fibre optique, permettant de mettre en reseau l'ensemble des batiments faisant partie du patrimoine de l'ULT. Cette infrastructure, realisee en partenariat avec Ooredoo Tunisie, permet a l'universite de se doter d'une connexion tres haut debit capable de pourvoir de nouvelles methodes d'enseignement.
ret acco masked Christop Cue ult While the action comes thick and fast, time is devoted to the psychological toll of hero responsibilities.
TODAY 7-DAY SLIMMING WORLD EATING PLAN THE ULTIMATE ULT Free with today's Sunday Mirror is a glossy, seven-day meal planner from Slimming World which will help you lose weight and keep it off.