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ULTUltimate (Loads)
ULTUltimo (Latin: last month)
ULTUnlimited Tax
ULTUniversal Lighting Technologies (Nashville, TN)
ULTUniversity Learning and Teaching (various locations)
ULTUltra Tracker
ULTUltra-Low Temperature
ULTUltra Tracker (file format)
ULTUnit Level Traceability (Intel)
ULTUniversité Libre de Tunis (French: University of Tunis; Tunisia; est. 1973)
ULTUnit Level Training (US Navy)
ULTUpper Limit of Normal
ULTUtility Litigation Team (USAF)
ULTUnderwater Location Transmitter
ULTUltra-Large Telescope
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The relationship between the Emmanuel academies and the neighbouring schools hasn't always been the healthiest and we will be seeking to address that when ULT take over.
Framework agreement for the supply, installation and setup ULT freezers for the Biobank.
1) title: Framework agreement for the purchase of ult cabinets for storage of research material: Subsection 1 reference number: 043-0255 / 17-70000 ii.
A treat-to-target approach should be utilized wherein ULT is initiated and intensified as needed to achieve and maintain the target sUA level <6.
Urate lowering therapy is also indicated hence initiate prophylactic therapy for mobilization flare and ULT.
com)-- Axiomtek, one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of innovative, high performance and reliable PC-based industrial computer products, is proud to announce the eBOX560-880-FL, a palm-sized fanless embedded box system utilizing an onboard multi-core 5th generation Intel[R] Broadwell ULT SoC for both excellent performance and ultra-low power consumption.
The company added that the Cryometrix T-150 ULT freezer uses no compressors and was chosen based on its reliability for mission critical pharmaceutical applications.
Another persistent misconception is that ULT can't be started during an acute attack.
The BioT ULT Transporter, a portable freezing and transport solution, enables the safe transport of valuable biological samples, drugs, vaccines and other biomaterials.