ULTra PRTUrban Light Transport-Personal Rapid Transit (Institute for Mechatronic Systems; Switzerland)
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Ultra PRT says it has operated a pod taxi network of 7 km at Heathrow Airport.
The tender document submitted by the firm, which is available on the e-procurement of the bidding process, says that Ultra PRT (net worth: Rs 26 lakh) will have a 5 per cent equity in the project, SPRT Systems (net worth: Rs5 lakh) will have 70 per cent equity, while the Embassy firm (worth Rs 1,800 crore) will have 25 per cent equity stock in the project.
London's BAA may shift the ULTra PRT project at Heathrow from T-1 to the new T-5 now in constuction, an Atlanta-like complex with an internal Bombardier APM.