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ULVAUniversal Low Vision Aids (assistive technology)
ULVAUltra Light Vertical Array
ULVAUnited Licensed Victuallers Association (Australia)
ULVAUniform Linear Virtual Array
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Table 1 Composition and characteristics of the extracts of Ulva rigida Extract Total phenolics Flavonoid [EC.
In that study the green alga Ulva was the fourth in importance, in contrast to the present study in which Ulva linza was the most important.
In 2004, the sea lettuce Ulva lactuca was the most abundant species, occurring in 59% of the samples collected (Figure 2a).
1999, Determination of the nutritional value of proteins obtained from Ulva armoricana, J.
The results (Table 3) showed that seaweed carbohydrate extract had higher values than that described for Ulva sp meal and three-fold lower than that for chitosan (Bobin-Dubigeon et al.
The adsorption of the metal decreases with increase in particle size of Ulva fasciata sp.
Ulva went into liquidation in October 2007 leaving Mr Foster in "severe financial difficulty".
A note on nutritive value of Ulva lactuca for ruminants.
Mr Baines said he was last in contact with Foster in 2001 and sold his shares in Ulva to him "way back".