ULWUltra Light Weight
ULWUniversal Living Wage
ULWUnladen Weight (vehicles)
ULWUniversal Latent Workstation (fingerprint information system)
ULWUnaligned Load Word (computing)
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The ULW materials being developed by NASA vary significantly from traditional cores and are expected to result in a significant decrease in mass.
The purpose of comparing the results of AW and UUW is to find out how a user's activities in the physical world can influence his/her activities in the virtual world, while comparing the results of AW and ULW is just for the inverse purpose.
There exist a few important areas of modern economics which factor heavily in the contemporary landscape of poverty and employment which the book does not analyze to a great extent: both consumer debt and subprime mortgages disguise poverty in ways that do not always manifest explicitly in homelessness, but could certainly be positively effected by a program like the ULW.
BAE SystemsEoACAO Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) system of body armor is designed to offer adaptable protection and dramatic weight savings to the warfighter.
Defence, security and aerospace company BAE Systems (LSE:BA) has launched specifically engineered Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) system of soldiers' body armour with adaptable protection and lightweight, the company declared on Monday.
Lone Tree is able to move 10.3% more payload on its 785Bs equipped with the ULW. Given a sufficient quantity of trucks in the fleet, applying the increase in capacity allows equivalent tonnage movement with fewer trucks (at Lone Tree one less truck or seven of the eight trucks making up half the fleet).
Mae'n werth dyfynnu geiriau Valentine yn y llys, sy'n crynhoi ddiben yr RAF ac awyrluoedd cyffelyb, 'Y byddinoedd awyr fydd bwysicaf yn y rhyfel nesaf, a phennaf nod yr awyrblaniau bomio fydd dinistrio dinasoedd, eu llosgi a'u gwenwyno, troi gwareiddiad canrifoedd yn ulw, gollwng i lawr allan o ddiogelwch yr awyr yr angau creulonaf ar wragedd a phlant a gwyr di-arf a di-amddiffyn, a sicrhau os dianc rhai a'u bywydau ganddynt, na bydd annedd na bwyd i'w porthi nac aelwyd i'w cadw yn fyw.' Chwe mis wedi i Valentine ynganu'r geiriau hyn (ac yntau bellach wedi ei garcharu gan y Wladwriaeth am ei safiad), bomiwyd tref Guernica yng Ngwlad y Basg yn ufflon gan awyrlu Sbaen.
Imbued with confidence building skills and awareness, ULW participants pass through a special portal in time from then to now, from pre-career to a period in which they are knowing masters of their own futures.
Gyda'i wraig yn ddifrifol wael, a'r siop a'r caffi wedi eu dinistrio'n ulw mae bywyd Philip wedi chwalu'n deilchion.
The standard Saber chassis weighs about 2.7 kg, however one of the newest innovations, an ultra lightweight version known as ULW Saber, trims that to only 1.8 kg.
BORE reit ulw oer a gwyntog oedd hi pan wnes i adael Eglwys Sant Padrig, sy'n dyddio'n l i'r bumed ganrif, a chrwydro i fyny i ben y boncan sy'n edrych i lawr ar Gemais.
Of all these rifles, the Weatherby ULW comes closer to balancing like a NULA.