UMABUniversity of Maryland at Baltimore (usually seen as UMB)
UMABUltimate Martial Arts Board (product)
UMABUnderstanding and Managing Aggressive Behavior
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In our study, we detected the level of UMAB and Ucr in all six groups of DM mice.
In conclusion, we demonstrated that precise segmental renal artery clamping (SRAC) could effectively alleviate I/R-induced renal injury by improving histopathological changes in the glomeruli, tubules, and mitochondria and attenuating creatinine, BUN, UMAB, KIM-1, andTNF-[alpha] levels in diabetic mice after surgery.
* results for the UMAB 10-mg tablet are less stable so tend to be lower with the paddle method than with the basket method (2)
Although multiple methods and markers were measured at the participating centers, only Stratus cTnI values were used clinically at HCMC; CK-MB mass and total CK activity were used clinically at UTSMC and UMAB.
CK-MB mass was assayed with the Stratus II system at the UMAB site in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (Table 1).
Feng and Weise (1988) discussed the evolution of this partnership at the University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMAB).
The UMS LIMS II replaces two existing library systems: a GEAC system which has supported University of Maryland libraries at five campuses including College Park, Baltimore County, the Law Library of UMAB, the Eastern Shore and University College; and a CLSI circulation system which has supported Towson State, Salisbury State, Bowie, Coppin and the University of Baltimore.