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Some exceptions include the 1863 Gospel of Matthew in East Livonian (Mt 1863b) and a related publication from 1880 (Mt 1880), as well as several authors in the Mazirbe period (Livli B) of the newspaper "Livli" and in the 1939 anthology of spiritual songs (Loulrantoz 1939), which used the less popular form umad. Thus, the choice of the word in has been determined in most cases by personal peference of the writer or the pecularity of the text.
un name umad. that letter arrive.PST.3SG 'That letter arrived.' b.
The peasants were at first delighted with the multazim's ouster and when some of them came round to collect their dues they were sent off empty-handed and told, "We are the pasha's fellaheen, we no longer work for you."(28) By setting up a special divan which, by collecting information and hearing fellah grievances, Muhammad Ali undermined the standing of the multazims in the countryside.(29) Since taxes had to be collected and land supervised, the rural local elites, such as shaykh and umad, were co-opted and given the tasks previously assigned to the multazims.
The court also found Araji Samindih and Umad Harun guilty of the same charge.
In a separate ruling, the Taguig City court through acting President Judge Felix Reyes found Araji Samindih and Umad Harun guilty of rebellion and were sentenced to imprisonment of up to 14 years.