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UMATUnited Muslim Association of Toledo (Toledo, OH)
UMATUnited Motorcycle Advanced Training Ltd. (UK)
UMATUndergraduate Medical Admission Test (Australia and New Zealand)
UMATUnderway Material Assessment Team
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The mobile application, dubbed COCOANET, was developed by a group of students of UMaT to, among others, help farmers and field staff identify (diagnose) various diseases and pests which attack cocoa plants.
(55) This clearly confirms the centrality of Islamic organizations, especially those which declare that one of their objectives is to uphold sharia--such as FPI, Forum Umat Islam (FUI) and Hizbut Tahrir.
the citizens.They arrested two notorious proclaimed offenders namely Umat Khan and Shah
A user-defined material subroutine (UMAT) is developed to introduce the strength analysis method mentioned above into the simulation.
The proposed fatigue damage model described in Section 3 is implemented via UMAT subroutine and used for FE analysis.
During the secondary development of the UMAT subroutine, Yang [13] compiled the Mohr-Coulomb interface subroutine basing on the Rankine criterion.
The ultrasonic-microwave-assisted technology (UMAT) takes full advantage of the high-energy effect of microwave and ultrasonic cavitation to overcome some shortcomings of conventional extraction processes [14, 15].
Caption: Figure 3: Nitinol material properties (from ABAQUS Nitinol UMAT) [10].
Bhimrao a resident of Umat in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh was forced to carry his mother's dead body on his motorbike on 31st August 2016 after an ambulance driver refused to take the corpse to their residence.
Misangcad Datumaas, president of the Paniqui United Muslims Association (Puma), and Abdul Jabbar, coordinator of the United Muslims Association of Tarlac City (Umat), defended their ID system on Tuesday, clarifying these were not introduced nor imposed by mayors or the local police.
Pengurusan Harta Wakaf dan Potensinya ke Arah Kemajuan Pendidikan Umat Islam di Malaysia.