UMATIUzazi Na Malezi Bora Tanzania (Swahili; Tanzanian family planning association)
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Monitoring online dangerous speech in Kenya: January-November 2013 (Umati Report).
A purposive sample of 30 hate messages exchanged between January 2013 and May 2013 was chosen for the analysis based on two of the categories used by Umati to monitor hate speech: offensive speech and extremely dangerous speech.
According to a report released in May 2013 by Umati, an online monitoring firm that documented some of the hate messages circulated; there was a dramatic rise in online offensive speeches circulated mainly through Facebook between the month of March 2013 (the election month) and February 2013, the month prior to the elections.
Initially, a reproductive and good parenthood association of Tanzania namely UMATI (Chama Cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania in Kiswahili) played a leading role in family planning services in the country.
On the one hand, UMATI and MSI specialize in family planning clinics, and on the other hand, Roman Catholic clinics not offering any FP.
(7) Private services are also available for a lee from some church-based or NGO providers (such as the Marie Stopes Clinic or UMATI, the Tanzanian Family Planning Association).