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UMBAUpfront Mortgage Brokers Association (Tempe, Arizona)
UMBAUnion of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia)
UMBAUniversity of Massachusetts Building Authority
UMBAUtah Minority Bar Association
UMBAUpper Midwest Booksellers Association (Regional Association of Independent Booksellers)
UMBAUtah Mortgage Bankers Association (now Utah Mortgage Lenders Association)
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The Umba transhipment complex is located in the harbour of the Kola Bay and receives oil delivered by shuttle tanker from the Prirazlomnoye and Novoportovskoye fields.
Other gem mineral deposits include the Mpwapwa district in the Dodoma region (for yellow scapolite crystals), Babati in the Manyara region (dichroic cordierite), the Sumbawanga and Lake Manyara deposits (emerald and alexandrite), the sapphire, tourmaline and alexandrite deposits of Songea and Tunduru in the Ruvuma region, the Williamson (Mwadui) diamond deposit (the world's largest exploitable kimberlite pipe) in the Tabora region, the Umba River deposit in the Tanga region (sapphire, "umbalite" variety of almandine, and chromium-rich elbaite), Sangasanga in the Morogoro region (liddicoatite and rossmanite), and the Ipanko mines near Mahenge (big red spinel crystals)-among others.
I remember UMBA, the Upper Midwest Booksellers' Association--that's where I told the story of the plumber who came to my cabin to clean out my plugged toilet, and he was spattered with shit--he paused and looked up and said to me, "I hear you write books.
The mission began to expand more rapidly after the establishment of a sub-station at the village of Umba in 1876.
They based their claim both on their status as |pure' Bondei and on increasingly exaggerated accounts of the historical role of a maternal ancestor of theirs, Semnkai, who was chief of the village of Umba when the mission first came to Bonde.
Tender notice number : UMBA Project #15-L2 (BDO #3098)
The pilot on October 22's Flight GF752 from Bahrain to Karachi was Vanessa Umba, who previously made history by being the airline's first female captain.
However, visits by the author to north-western Russia in 2001, 2006 and 2008 have shown that local knowledge about pearls has nearly disappeared, and only a few such items were seen at museums in the former pearling centres of Kem in Karelia and Umba on the Kola Peninsula.
com)-- New Professional Basketball League, UMBA fostered by the music and entertainment greats has partnered with Miami's own Carlos Alamilla of the Miami All-stars, to host its first round of open basketball tryouts for males ages 18-40 as it prepares for its history making inaugural 2014 season.
At the very beginning of the 1960s, Brao Kavet and Brao Umba living in the mountains along the border with Laos were largely resettled to the lowlands, where large villages were set up along the Sekong and Sesan Rivers.
Ally Juyawatu, a former game warden from the Umba region, has also been said to have made the first discovery of the tanzanite deposit.