UMBIUniversity of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
UMBIUninsured Motorists Bodily Injury (insurance)
UMBIUsa Marine Biological Institute (Japan)
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The trial court found that Carter, who had purchased the insurance and was the named insured under the policy, executed the waiver of UMBI coverage as required by statute.
In connection with her application, Carter executed a UMBI coverage form.
By statute, a form signed by the insured to reject UMBI coverage "shall remain valid for the life of the policy" and completion of a new form is not required "when a renewal, reinstatement, substitute, or amended policy is issued to the same named insured by the same insurer or any of its affiliates.
In Louisiana, a properly completed and signed form creates a rebuttable presumption that the insured knowingly rejected UMBI coverage.
The court found Carter's rejection of UMBI coverage valid.
Tillman seeks to place the blame for his lack of UMBI coverage on West, the agent, whom he believed should have written a separate policy for the Dodge Ram.
As a solution, the UMBI researchers doped off-the-shelf contact lenses with specially formulated boronic acid-based fluorophores that would show a spectral and/or color change in the presence of glucose within human tears, indicated on the surface of the lens.