UMBLUnion Mills Branch Library (Union Mills, IN)
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The assigned ratings to UMBL reflect its association with a strong sponsor, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).
L.leucocelphala), cassava leaves 2 Supplementation with Pigs duck weeds (Lemna spp.) 3 Treatment of cereal Ruminants straws 4 Urea -molasses block Ruminants licks (UMBL) 5 Oil palm by-products Ruminant and non- ruminants 6 Maize and sorghum Large ruminants stovers 7 Sugarcane by-products Ruminants 8 Sugar palm juice Pigs 9 Azolla (Azolla Fish and non- microphylla) ruminants 10 Sweet potato roots Roots and vines-- and vines pigs Vines-- (Ipomoea batatas) to ruminants 11 Poultry litter Beef cattle 12 Spent tea leaves Cattle No.
UMBLs ratings reflect its association with a strong sponsor Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the largest telecom company in Pakistan having 100% shareholding in the bank.