UMCAUltra-Marathon Cycling Association, Inc.
UMCAUniversities' Mission to Central Africa
UMCAUniversity of Missouri Center for Agroforestry
UMCAUpper Midwest Conservation Association (Minneapolis, MN)
UMCAUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
UMCAUniversidad Metropolitana Castro Carazo
UMCAUrban Marketing Corporation of America
UMCAUndergraduate Management Consulting Association
UMCAUnited Methodist Church of Anoka (Minnesota)
UMCAUndergraduate Management and Consulting Association
UMCAUmbellularia Californica (California laurel)
UMCAUtah Municipal Clerks' Association
UMCAUniversity Medical Center Alliance
UMCAUnited Molokan Christian Association
UMCAUndeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Aberystwyth
UMCAUniversity of Maryland Center on Aging (College Park, MD)
UMCAUnited Masonry Contractors Association (Garland, TX)
UMCAUnited Medical Center for Afghans
UMCAUniversity of Minnesota Clinical Associates
UMCAUmatilla Chemical Activity
UMCAUtah Mechanical Contractors Association
UMCAUnited Masonry Contractors of America
UMCAUnspecified Minor Construction, Army
UMCAUniversity of Missouri Central Administration
UMCAUpper Middle Class American
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Hanna Merrigan, UMCA President elect, stated: "Aberystwyth University's treatment of our community has obviously angered current students, and the wider community.
9Some UMCA missionaries had long appreciated the role of seasonal burning in clearing the landscape.
The bishop was also responsible for work in the UMCA areas of the mainland of what was then German East Africa.
Levkus is joining three directors and four officers in the leadership of UMCA.
UMCA PresidentMennaMachreth said: "The agreement between Labour and Plaid to establish a Welsh Federal College is to be welcomed by students and anyone wishing for the right to study through the Welsh language.
We in UMCA support the students of Cardiff in their call for a Welsh union.
The steamer served to bring distant African settlements within the reach of the Anglican UMCA, as well as spread the missionaries' reach.
Consequently, as mentioned earlier, the UMCA designed a three-part study to assess consumers' preliminary interest in a cash option.
The project, which was to be co-sponsored by the UMCA, would have supplied computers and wiring to approximately 32 HBCUs.
As the national program office for this large project, the UMCA directs and coordinates the demonstration, oversees the evaluation, and provides technical assistance to the demonstration States.
Hanna Merrigan, president of UMCA (Aberystwyth's union of Welsh-language students), said: "The project board's report rightly acknowledges the contribution of Pantycelyn to the university, Aberystwyth and Wales since it became a dedicated Welshmedium hall in 1973, and the role that a refurbished Pantycelyn can play as the centrepiece of Welshmedium activities at the university.