UMDAUltra Direct Memory Access (memory cards)
UMDAUniform Marriage and Divorce Act
UMDAUmatilla Depot Activity
UMDAUnivariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm (for optimization problems)
UMDAUniversal Mambo Dance Academy (Latin dance school; Orlando, FL)
UMDAUncorrected Minimum Descent Altitude
UMDAUnited Morris Dancing Association
UMDAUne Maison Dans l'Ain
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Neither the ALI Principles nor the UMDA have been broadly adopted by courts or state legislatures, however.
(101) The standard has been uniformly adopted in private custody matters via the UMDA, which states:102
(135.) See UMDA, supra note 132, [section] 306 (Separation
Performance assessment is made by comparing the proposed optimiser with GA, UMDA, BPSO, BSA, and PBIL by using the CEC2015 test problems.
In this study, the problem-solving method based on UMDA for VRPHTW given by literature [13] based on estimation of distribution is adopted.
In our proposed approach, Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm (UMDA) [23] performs a single detection of a parabola 94% faster than HT and 45% faster than RANSAC.
(41) However, under the new test, after the division of marital property, the UMDA suggests that a dependent spouse's financial "needs" are met, or nearly met, with the "opportunity for employment" rather than analyzing the spouse's actual ability to maintain the former standard of living.
(58) Articles 307 and 308 of the UMDA (59) provided that both family property distribution and alimony be determined without considering inappropriate behavior during the marriage.
(32) The concept of no-fault divorce was strengthened by the endorsement in the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act (UMDA) in 197033 and, by 1987, a no-fault divorce was available in all 50 states.
Let TGA (traditional GA) [41], HeSEA (heterogeneous selection evolutionary algorithm) [42], SA (simulated annealing) [10], UMDA (univariate marginal distribution algorithm) [43], EHBSA (edge histogram based sampling) [44], ACS (ant colony system) [45], DPSO (discrete particle swarm optimization) [46], and PREGA denote algorithms involved in the simulation.
(27) While the details vary between states, the common starting point is with the five broad factors set forth in the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act (UMDA): (1) the parents' wishes regarding custody; (2) the child's wishes regarding custody; (3) the child's relationship with parents, siblings, and other significant people; (4) the child's adjustment to home, school, and community; and (5) the mental and physical health of all family members.
AKA: Abu Gharib al Taizi, Mohammed Said al Umdah al Makkani, Mohamed Sa'd Ali Hazan al Umda