UMIDSUniform Microcomputer Disbursing System
UMIDSUniversal Mine Dispensing System
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The presence or absence of deletion copy number loci was apparent by comparing the number of reads bearing unique UMIDs from each smMIP with the expected performance (Fig.
We quantified 27 false-positive reads bearing unique UMIDs, out of 2.4 x [10.sup.6] total UMIDs, representing an effective error rate of 1 in 85000 events.
The relative abundance of each individual is estimated as the count of unique capture events divided by the expected UMIDs averaged across each of the smMIPs that uniquely identify that individual.
Mapped reads were grouped by UMID to collapse PCR duplicates and quantify unique capture events.
The expected UMID count from each smMIP was estimated as for the error model, and P values per smMIP were calculated under the error model based on observed relative abundances.
The method was fail- safe as bank officials and other investigators probing the fraud cases would ultimately reach trader A based on their UMId and UTId, and not the gang members.