UMISUTC (Unit Type Code) Management Information System
UMISUniversity Museums in Scotland (preservation organization; various locations)
UMISUrban Management Information System (various locations)
UMISUltima Medical Imaging System
UMISUniversal Mobile Information System
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The incidence rate of new or larger UMIs at 75 years of age was 21% (n = 37/176) in the entire cohort, 20% (n = 16/82) in women, and 22% (21/94) in men.
Plasma concentrations of hs-cTnI at baseline were associated with new or larger UMIs at 75 years of age with an odds ratio (OR) of 1.98 (95% CI, 1.17-3.35; P = 0.010) per 1 unit increase in in-transformed cTnl in a model using hs-cTnI as a continuous variable when adjusted for sex, and an OR of 1.81 (95% CI, 1.04-3.13; P = 0.035) when adjusted for sex, GFR, LVM, EF, NTproBNP, and FRS.
The median size of the UMIs (i.e., the median of the volumes of the new UMIs and of the volumes of the additional MI scar tissue at 75 years of age) was 1.07 g (interquartile range, 0.68-1.59 g).
Eight percent of the patients showed evidence of Q-wave UMI, and 27 percent had evidence of non-Q-wave UMI.
The study, printed in the April 2009 edition of PLoS Medicine, tracked all 185 patients for 2.2 years, during which time 13 non-Q-wave UMI patients (26 percent), one Qwave UMI patient (7 percent), and two patients without MI died.
"The problem is, not all UMIs result in Q-waves on the electrocardiogram.
They found that 35 percent of the patients had evidence of a heart attack and that non-Q-wave attacks were three times more common than Q-wave UMIs. Non-Q-wave attacks were also more common among those with more severe coronary artery disease.
The research about the role of UMI in OCD is extensive and has its roots in the pioneering work of Rachman and De Silva (1978), who verified that normal people reported experiencing UMI that were often indistinguishable from clinical obsessions in content and form.
In sum, OCD, BDD, HYP, and EDs share the occurrence of repetitive UMI with contents related to the core fears of each disorder, although in some cases the UMI contents can even be similar (e.g., health issues, checking needs, order and symmetry, etc.).
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