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UMLUnified Modeling Language (Object Management Group, OMG)
UMLUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
UMLUser Mode Linux
UMLUniversal Modeling Language
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UMLUnified Marxist Leninist
UMLUpper Mixed Layer (oceanography)
UMLUsha Martin Limited (est. 1961; Jharkhand, India)
UMLUniversal Markup Language (common, but incorrect)
UMLUniversity Map Library (University of Waterloo; Canada)
UMLUnconditional Maximum Likelihood
UMLUniversal Mission Load
UMLUncorrelated Missile Launch
UMLUnited Microwave Laboratory (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
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De hecho, como ya existen trabajos de Spin / Promela con diagramas de estados UML (Schafer et al., 2001; Ebnenasir y Cheng, 2006; Chen y Kulkarni, 2012), y dado que los diagramas de secuencia UML permiten modelar el comportamiento algoritmico de objetos participantes en todos los escenarios de un sistema de software, el principal objetivo y contribucion de estos articulos es proponer y aplicar un algoritmo para obtener el codigo Promela a partir de instancias de diagramas de secuencia UML, y asi mediante el uso de Spin, verificar la correccion de dicho codigo en la deteccion de fallas de comunicacion, interbloqueos y codigo no ejecutable (Ben-Ari, 2008).
They would be at a disadvantage in case UML puts forth its agenda.
"In case the merger between UML and Maoist Centre fails, the Nepali Congress will gain the status of second party in the parliament on the basis of the seats gained," Poudel added.
The Unified Modelling Language (UML) is a standard visual modelling language that is designed to specify visualize construct and document the artefacts of software systems [3].
UML allows modelling different aspects of information system through the various diagrams it supports.
Maoists and Madhesi parties had warned that if NC and CPN (UML) opposed it, voting would give them victory.
Consistency concept, its types and approaches of checking UML model consistency are presented in the section.
Povzetek: Predstavljeno je orodje za avtomatsko generacijo kode, iz UML v C#.
Peace and Reconstruction Minister - Rakam Chemjong - CPN (UML)
They have accused the NC and NCP (UML) of already grabbing powerful ministries such as home, defense, foreign affairs, and finance.
UML provides notations describing the static and the dynamic aspects of software from analysis stages to design and implementation.
Keywords: software architecture, component-and-connector viewtype, software documentation, UML 2.0