UML2Unified Modeling Language, version 2.0 (software engineering)
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UML2. [ed.] Victor Manuel Ruiz Calderon y Susana Krahe Perez-Rubin.
Input models in some XMI variants, UML2 and UML formats, supported by Eclipse, are accepted.
"We encourage partners to build UML2 implementations on top of Whitehorse," Sridharan said, adding Whitehorse is "UML and more." Whitehorse is adopting what, according to Microsoft's research, are the three most frequently used UML models, used for class diagrams, sequence diagrams and case diagrams.
UML2.0 A Major Revision of the Industries de facto Software Modelling Language Ontology Progress Software Patent Requirements New Blends of Email Threats
The consultant will perform the analysis of all sections of the Oil and Gas Division, create activity diagrams in the Unified Modelling Language 2 (UML2) format, and provide the diagrams and analysis documentation to the Oil and Gas Division in electronic format.
In figure 1, the OMG_MDA architecture with four layers of abstraction ([M.sub.0] to [M.sub.3]) is used, also followed by UML2.0 and MOF 2.0 linguistic modeling standards.