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Ummh claim they are ``pioneering a sound that fuses the power and funk of hip-hop beats with the improvised sensibilities of live jazz''.
Ummh's has the potential to be a breakthrough album which will bring jazz musicians and rappers Nobsta Nutts and Aron Jones to an audience of unprecedented scale.
But Ummh do not consider themselves the champions of Welsh rap.
But even if the album, released by Awen Records, does not win them television appearances and chart positions, Tomos is satisfied with Ummh's artistic achievement.
Tomorrow: 11am, Estella, Kobe; 11.30, Kobe; 11.45, Pigyn Clust, Bryn; 12.15, Soothsayers, Ffebrins; 12.30, Vanta; 1pm, Kangaroo Moon; 1.15, Ember, Tony & Chris; 1.45, Ummh; 2.15, Bandarall, Anthony Griffiths & Deborah Parker; 2.30, Bisserov Sisters; 3pm, Blue Horses; 3.15, Johnny Panic, Sin Phillips & Danny Kilbride; 3.45pm, Rhes Ganol; 4.15, Dragonfall, Swnion; 4.30, Yat Kha; 5.15pm, Atya, Rhes Ganol; 5.30, Cara Dillon; 6.15, Berimbraown; 6.30, Boys of the Hill, Ember; 7.15, Amigos; 7.45, Noditchi, Bachgen Glas; 8.30pm, Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion; 9.00, Kosher, Bandarall; 9.30, Fernhill; 10.15pm, Achanak.