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Ummu Kalthom ordered the sentences to run concurrently from the date he was first charged on December 27, 2017.
This study is in agreement with the work of (Sheeja, 2010; Vimal & Jasimideen, 2012; Brice & Ames, 2014; Uzomba et al 2015; Harris & Ummu, 2015; Adekunle, Olla &, Oshiname, 2016) that koha has gained wide acceptability in many libraries of the world, including developing countries like Nigeria since it has proved to be more reliable and effective; its main attraction to Nigerian libraries is its reliability and flexibility.
4, 71) Ummu Salama noted that the Negus asked if there was anything of the Revelation that Ja'far could recite for him, and when Ja'far recited chapter 19, the Negus and the bishops all began to cry.
Ummu Yuksel's paper discusses two poems written by Martin Opitz in praise of Daniel Heinsius, which allows us to see how the figure of Heinsius can serve as both a representative of Latin learning and a symbol of Dutch literary and political nationalism.
Yazid's Ummu wore only a headscarf with her boy's clothes, and carried a fixed kitchen knife.
A Syrian refugee named Ummu Muhammed who used to live in Qamishli city told Cihan news agency that they decided to go to Iraq since they could not find secure place to go in their country.
Credit should go to Egypt as a country which gave the Arab world with the legendary artists like Ummu Kulsum, Abdul Halim Hafiz, Farid Athrash and many others.
Chapter four examines the legacy of activist and political and social thinker Abd al-Rahman alKawakibi (1854-1902) by analyzing and evaluating his two main works, Ummu l- Qura (a novel) and Tabai al-Istabdad.
The ban has been lifted on 14 residential districts in Hamdaniyya, Thurayya, Sharq, Swalihiyya, Nahda, Majid, Huda, Uyoon and Al-Qudus Al-Muaddal residential plots, which are located in the valleys of Gaya, Ummu Hablain, Daghbaj and Briman.
(11) Ummu 'Atiyyah whose name was Nusaibah bint al-harith, who used to circumcise women, was one of the companions.
New Delhi, Jan.13 ( ANI ): The German Government has conferred the country's Order of Merit on Jawaharlal Nehru University academic Professor Ummu Salma Bava.