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* GRK, NEDD4L, CYP4A11, NPPA, UMOD, and perhaps others.
Uromodulin, also known as Tamm-Horsfall protein, is encoded by the UMOD gene on chromosome 16p12 (8).
Although genetic testing for UMOD, REN, and HNF1B mutations is well established, MUC1 genetic testing remains challenging [11].
Johnson et al., "Genomewide association study of blood pressure extremes identifies variant near UMOD associated with hypertension," PLoS Genetics, vol.
MCKD belongs to a recently termed group of autosomal-dominant tubulointerstitial kidney diseases (ADTKDs) and is classified into two types according to the responsible genes: mucin 1 ( MUC1 ) gene for MCKD type 1 (MCKD1) and uromodulin ( UMOD ) gene for MCKD2.[5],[6],[7],[8] These two types of MCKD and other ADTKDs are phenotypically similar, and genetic testing of pathogenic mutation(s) in responsible genes is needed to confirm a diagnosis.
(151) In Umod knock-out mice, bladder susceptibility to colonization by Escherichia coli was observed, because THP is thought to act as a means of innate defense by preventing binding of Ecolito the urothelial surface; wildtype purified THP is capable of binding to type 1-fimbriated Ecolito prevent them from binding to uroplakins.
One of the discovered genes, the UMOD gene, produces Tamm-Horsfall protein, the most common protein in the urine of healthy individuals, which was recently found to be linked with chronic kidney disease risk.
For example, known markers for proximal tubules [kidney androgen-regulated protein (kap)] and thick ascending limbs [uromodulin (Umod)] were evidenced in both libraries.
Andang blamed the incident on a group led by Umod Sawadjaan, Aventajado said.
DESIGNED TO EXPAND IN FUNCTIONALITY, the 9100 Universal Modem (UMOD) offers a variety of bit rates, interfaces, and configurations.
Gambella state chief Umod Ubong and the Jonglei deputy governor Hussien Mar have signed the agreement.