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TOS (umol Trolox eq/L)###7.51+-0.62a###8.83+-1.02b###9.05+-0.98b###7.92+-1.45a###9.27+-0.84b
The results were expressed as umol EDTA/g dried plant.
tumefaciens with different concentrations of acetosyringone (0, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 umol L-1) and kept gentle shaking for 0-30 min.
The buffer system used for separation was 140 umol sodium acetate (pH 5.5) as buffer A and 80% acetonitrile as buffer B.
Similarly, highest ABTS value was exhibited by pink garlic methanolic extract (60.85+-3.63 umol TE/g) followed by white garlic methanolic extract (57.27+-3.69 umol TE/g).
Em escala horaria, quando a disponibilidade de radiacao fotossinteticamente ativa era de 1464 [+ o -] 113 umol [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] (11 a 14 h), o LE foi de 425 [+ o -] 34 W [m.sup.-2] enquanto os valores de [OMEGA] estiveram situados em torno de 0,73 [+ o -] 0,04.
(2004) conducted in vitro trial with various methane reducing agents (30 umol BES, 10 ppm PMDI, 10 mM fumarate or malate, 5% [C.sub.18:2] or [C.sub.18:3]) and they found that all the agents reduced methane emission compared to control, and effect in methane reduction was greater for BES and pyromellitic diimide (PMDI) as halogenated compound than for UFAs ([C.sub.18:2] and [C.sub.18:3]) and organic acids (malate and fumarate, Figure 5).
On the basis of previous work, a high-normal body lead burden was defined as at least 80 [micro]g (0.39 umol) and less than 600 [micro]g (2.90 umol) of lead.
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) was used for the measurement of single leaf net photosynthesis (umol CO2 m-2 s-1) at 75 and 65 DAS in 1st and 2nd season respectively.
One unit of enzyme activity was defined as the amount of enzyme required to release 1 umol of reducing sugar per min.