UMPEUniversity of Miami Parabolic Equation
UMPEUnión Misionera Para Enfermos, Jalapa (Patients' Missionary Union of Jalapa, Guatemala)
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Her name was Pat and, like her brother before he started motor racing, she was indeed an accomplished show j umpe r.
The post commemorates a tr trum um umpe pe pe pete te ter h wh who wa was h sh t ot through his throat tr trumpeter who was shot through his throat by a Tartar archer in 1241, when he tried to sound the alarm as the Mongols besieged the city.
They may not be the next Julien Macdonald and Alexander McQueen, but the unlikely fashion duo of former Glamorgan (now Sussex) cricketer Tony Cottey and former chief superintendent of Pembrokeshire police, John Daniels, have put a long-standing friendship to good use and come up with a classy ``Welsh'' j umpe r.
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He was 5ft 10ins tall and was wearing a dark woollen j umpe r.