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UMPSUniversal Microprocessor Simulator
UMPSUniversal Microprocessor Program Simulator
UMPSUniversal Mobile Payment System
UMPSUpper Moreland Primary School (Hatboro, PA)
UMPSUniversity of Manchester Persian Society (Manchester, England, UK)
UMPSUniversal Mobile Phone Service
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Caption: Generic representations of an UMP act as a template for collecting key information about a specific UMP-here, a "water treatment" process-specifically inputs and outputs, manufacturing resources (e.g., materials and energy), and product and process information (such as production and environment metrics).
A simplified two-dimensional (2D) model of UMP with a splitter plate is shown in Figure 2.
In this paper, we set the distance between the center of the UMP and the root of plate [L.sub.a] = 0.3 (m) and the diameter of the cylinder is D = 0.533 (m).
The intent of this paper is to investigate the impact of SAGE forms, including rotor offset, stator concave deformation, stator convex deformation, stator ellipse deformation, and mixed SAGE composed of rotor offset and stator deformation, on the rotor UMP characteristics.
In this paper, we mainly focus on the effect of the SAGE forms on the rotor UMP; the refined analysis about the formula simplification error will not be taken due to the space limitation.
From this corner, the umps got the play right but it took awhile to untangle the mess that was created by Tichnor, who failed to raise both arms and call "time" after he ruled interference on Ethier.
If Cruz's ball was ruled fair, the umps would have simply ruled two outs on the play.
HK is recommending that USC and UMP owners not use their firearms until the new handle is installed.
With one strike on her, the hitter should be thinking of making contact with anything in the ump's strike zone.
Because Cox came out twice in the same inning to visit his pitcher, the umps properly remove Glavine from the game.
The umps declare the ball dead and call Rollins out.
Karpin said, "The umps called the whole thing a `correctable error."' Although that term might be in the umpires' supplemental manual, it is nowhere to be found in the Official Baseball Rules.