UMRCUranium Medical Research Centre
UMRCUnited Methodist Relief Center (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
UMRCUnited Methodist Retirement Community (Michigan)
UMRCUnscheduled Maintenance Requirement Card
UMRCUrban Mobile Radio Channel
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UMRC is currently underway on its multi-phased master facilities plan which encompasses adding 54 additional independent living (IL) cottages, renovating and expanding its skilled nursing facility (SNF), constructing a new wellness center, and renovating its existing building for office use.
UMRC found artificial uranium in bomb craters, surrounding watercourses and the bodies of civilians exposed to US Coalition bombing in Afghanistan.
The Pentagon/DoD have interfered with UMRC's ability to have its studies published by managing, a progressive and persistent misinformation program in the press against UMRC, and through the use of its control of science research grants to refute UMRC's scientific findings and destroy the reputation of UMRC's scientific staff, physicians and laboratories.
The NY Daily News April 5, 2004 has covered Gulf War II results by UMRC's studies of US veterans.
2003, "UMRC's Preliminary Findings from Afghanistan & Operation Enduring Freedom" and "Afghan Field Trip #2 Report: Precision Destruction--Indiscriminate Effects" by Tedd Weyman, UMRC Research Team; Awakened Woman, Jan.
SOLID CENSUS LEVELS: Despite some softening in its overall census levels, UMRC has demonstrated solid occupancy levels across all levels of care in recent years.
MODERATE LONG-TERM LIABILITY PROFILE: UMRC's debt profile remains moderate as evidenced by maximum annual debt service (MADS) equating to 9.8% of total fiscal 2017 revenues, which compares favorably to Fitch's 'BBB' category median of 12.4%.
The rating is somewhat constrained by UMRC's debt structure, which consists of 75% variable-rate bank debt.
MASTER FACILITIES PLAN EXECUTION: Any significant project execution issues such as construction delays, cost overruns, or service disruptions that negative impacts UMRC's operating or financial profiles could put negative pressure on the rating.
UMRC consists of two facilities, Chelsea Retirement Community (CRC) and Cedars of Dexter (CoD).
Additionally, UMRC has multiple non-OG affiliates, which includes three PACE enterprises, three affordable housing facilities, and a market rate IL/AL community.
UMRC is currently underway on its multi-phased master facilities plan, with an expected total cost of $43-$44 million, which is an increase from the $35-$40 million expected during our last review.