UMSCUsb Mass Storage Class
UMSCUnionville Milliken Soccer Club (Canada)
UMSCUSB (Universal Serial Bus) Mass Storage Class
UMSCUniversity of Michigan Sailing Club
UMSCUpper Mississippi Science Center
UMSCUniversity Medical Student Council (University of Illinois; Chicago, IL)
UMSCUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System Mobile Switching Centre
UMSCUniversity of Manchester Surf Club (UK)
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'UMSC and its advisers agreed that the Libyan Government has no authority to make such a directive since the mosque belongs to Uganda,' Hajji Nsereko said.
He said it was UMSC and not Gaddafi that decided to name the mosque as such, adding that the decision was a tribute to Gaddafi for funding its construction.
He clarified that contrary to reports of vandalism, the Libyans were the ones who removed the tubs for holding water before the mosque was handed to UMSC, and instead installed ordinary taps.
Seeking to explore the therapeutic effects of uMSCs in treating LN, their study transplanted umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells into mice modeled with systemic immune diseases closely resembling SLE in humans.
"The therapeutic effects demonstrated in this pre-clinical study support further exploration of the possibility of using uMSCs from mismatched donors in LN treatment," Lee said.
"The ability of uMSCs to reduce inflammation means that they are likely to be of use in the treatment of autoimmune disorders and this study supports that reasoning and, in this case, also advocates the use of non-self cells," said Dr.
UMSCs are found to suppress the differentiation of Tfh via the secretion of IDO [26, 49].
BMSCs and AMSCs both suppress activation of blood B cells by phytohemagglutinin stimulation, but UMSCs do not display an inhibitory effect [53].
Transfer of UMSCs ameliorates experimental colitis by inducing Bregs [58].
Human UMSCs can facilitate the shift of monocytes toward IL-10 producing phenotypes through the production of IL-6 and HGF [67].
The pSS patients tolerate the allogeneic UMSCs well, have an improvement in symptoms and a decrease in serum anti-SSA/anti-SSB antibody without significant adverse events [81].
Unlike BMSCs, UMSCs are found to suppress the differentiation of Tfh cells via the secretion of IDO in patients with pSS [49].