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UMSEUnbiased Mean-Squared Error
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These sites were; Sindhi Para as very low socioeconomic (VLSE), Korangi as low (LSE), Manzoor colony as lower middle (LMSE) and Saddar as an upper middle economic (UMSE) stratum.
Underweight was highly prevalent in children of all SE strata but more so in VLSE (Sindhi Para 76%) and UMSE cluster (Saddar 71%) whereas 24% from LSE cluster (Korangi) were overweight.
London, United Kingdom, December 06, 2010 --( Quod Financial, a global provider of adaptive trading technology, today announced that it has integrated Informatica's Ultra Messaging product family (previously 29West), including Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition (UMSE), Ultra Persistence Edition (UMP) and Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition (UMQ) in its underlying platform - the Adaptive Execution Platform (AEP) - to provide its clients seamless communication and accelerated trading.