UMSSUniversidad Mayor de San Simon (Spanish: Greater University of San Simon; Cochabamba, Bolivia)
UMSSUsb Mass Storage Sample
UMSSUsb Mass Storage Specification
UMSSUniversity of Michigan Sedation Scale
UMSSUML/MDA to Software Systems
UMSSUpper Minnetonka Sailing School (Minnesota)
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The statistical population for qualitative part included all resolutions of UMSs. Sample size was found 2,148.
In the intra-organization part, not only had the UMSs not understood the real position and mission of the boards, but also they were not fully aware of their responsibilities and authorities.
Firstly, passage of nearly 15 years had helped better understanding of position of the boards both by the UMSs and by MoHME.
These participants considered this to be due to the job description and duties determined for the boards, which focuses more on the managerial aspects of UMSs. "Unfortunately, the boards are weak in areas of education and health services, and I'd say that university chancellors don't like it either for the boards to interfere in these matters, anyway, they like to resolve financial problems of their organization, that is why, often chancellors bring up their financial problems--and don't enter these areas much, not at all, and this is a massive weakness that our boards are boards that only focus on finances and management" [P24].
Because they believed the enforced guidelines from the MoHME could distance boards from strategic subjects, depriving them of thought and innovation, and make members less motivated to contribute to solving problems of the UMSs, prevent constructive discussions in meetings, and reduce efficacy of meetings, and in a word, affect the philosophy of existence of boards in providing autonomy of universities.
UAVs tend to have sexy/scary names such as Ion Tiger, Banshee, Panther, and Switchblade, while UMSs have more staid and nondescript names such as Seahorse, Scout, Sapphire, and HAUV-3.
For those and other reasons, UMSs have mostly been under the radar in ethics and law.
* How can we deliver UMSs quickly and integrate them into U.S.
UMSs can be either free-swimming or tethered to a surface vessel, a submarine, or a larger robot.
UMSs can operate on the ocean's surface, at or just below the surface, or entirely underwater.
UMSs range from small or "man-portable" (25-50 pounds); to midsized (500-3,000 pounds, often designed to operate from existing submarine weapon launch tubes and airlocks); to large (projected in the future to be up to 40 feet long and 10 tons displacement), designed to operate from a pier, off a surface vessel, or from a large weapon tube.
UMSs can be equipped with a variety of manipulator arms, capture devices, sensors, communications packages, and warheads.