UMTAUrban Mass Transportation Administration (aka Urban Mass Transit Administration; US DOT)
UMTAUnified Metropolitan Transport Authority (India)
UMTAUtah Music Teachers Association
UMTAUnion of Myanmar Travel Association (Yangon, Myanmar)
UMTAUpper Midwest Trials Association (motorcycles)
UMTAUniversal Mobile Telephony Association
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In March 1972, Secretary Volpe recommended consolidating all existing urban highway and mass transit programs into a single urban fund, with the exception of the interstate program and minor UMTA initiatives.
* Tunnel emergency ventilation systems should be designed in accordance with NFPA Standard 130, the ASHRAE Handbook--HVAC Applications, and the Subway Environmental Design Handbook (UMTA 1976).
I got a chance to use Hornady's LEVERevolution .30-30 ammo on elk at Sand Creek Ranch in Utah's Umta Mountains.
This evolution began in 1978 when a multimodal approach to transportation planning emerged in the transportation planning regulations developed and issued jointly by the Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA was the predecessor of FTA) and the FHWA.
The agencies were identified from the FTA's directory of transit agencies (UMTA 1988).
For the past decade UMTA ("Urban Mass Transit Association") has favoured competitive contracting of transit service.
The Board voted to adopt policy recommended by the Transportation and Communications (T&C) Steering Committee to repeal Section 13(c) of the Urban Mass Transportation Act (UMTA).
The Federal Transit Administration (formerly UMTA) administers the process by which projects are prepared, approved, and provided with Section 3 and 9 funds.
The Miami Metrorail system has significantly underperformed ridership expectations, with ridership being approximately 15 percent of that projected, or 50,000 trips per weekday (UMTA 1989).
"Moving Towards Joint Development: The Economic Development-Transit Partnership." Washington, D.C.: UMTA, 1989.
UMTA may grant an extension for extraordinarily expensive structural changes until July 26, 2020, if two third of key stations are complete by July 26, 2010.