UMTASUluslararasi Makina Ticaret A.S. (Turkish: International Machinery Trade A.S.; est. 1945)
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UMTAS missiles, with a range of eight kilometers, were initially developed for the use of Turkish T-129 attack helicopters.
Two UMTAS missiles, both of which were 37,5 kilograms, were attached under the wings of Bayraktar TB2, which were tested on Thursday as first.
According to the Defense Ministry, the UMTAS project is now in its final phase and the missiles, with a range of eight kilometers, will be installed on T-129 helicopters, co-developed and produced by Turkey and Italy, by the end of 2014.
The project was launched in 2008 when Roketsan and the Defense Ministry signed a contract for the manufacture of the UMTAS missiles to equip the T-129 helicopters, which are still being tested before entering service in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).
Subsequent aircraft will be built to TUC-2 standard (T129B), introducing an Aselsan helmet display, and Roketsan Umtas anti-tank missiles and Cirit 70 mm laser-guided rockets.
Caption: Turkey's TAI T129 Atak helicopter is distinguished from the original AW 129 by its much larger sensor turret and use of the tube-launched, infrared-guided Roketsan Umtas missile, with a range of 8000 metres.
Roketsan also showed the infrared-guided, helicopter-launched, 35-kg Umtas, which has a range of 500 to 8000 metres.