UMVUser Mode Video
UMVUnmanned Vehicle
UMVUninsured Motor Vehicle
UMVUnrestricted Motion Vector
UMVUniversité du Milieu de la Vie (French: University of Mid-Life; Paris, France; est. 1976)
UMVUnique Monthly Visitors (online business)
UMVUpper Master Valve (oil field industry)
UMVUpload Mobile Video
UMVUninhabited Marine Vehicle
UMVUninhabited Military Vehicle
UMVUniversal Membership Voting (Canada)
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Due to the nonlinear characteristics of the UMV, the backstepping and Lyapunov theory are combined to solve the problem of trajectory tracking control.
In the Department of Defense's continuing mission to work towards joint security with NATO partners, SSC-PAC and UMV shared emerging technologies with one of those partners, the Croatian Army and Navy.
* The success of UAVs will spark further development of unmanned maritime vehicles (UMV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).
Now, sitting beside the targeter maneuvering his Unmanned Vehicle (UMV), counseling the politician who must sign the death warrant, or even accompanying the rifle platoon into the contested city, we will find a lawyer.
to accelerate its fledgling Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) initiative, and take a similar approach to unmanned ground, maritime and air vehicles (UGV, UMV, and UAVs).
Following a series of seminars sponsored by the Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies at the University of Limerick, Ireland, Utopia Method Vision (UMV) assembles new writing from among the most prolific and accomplished scholars in the field of utopian studies.
Comparison of minerals and mineral characteristics between west-central Illinois (WCI) and Upper Mississippi Valley Zn-Pb (UMV) deposits.
* The UMV Section held a meeting on factory-built housing in Wausau, Wisconsin, and is planning a meeting on durability of wood products in Duluth.
Much of my recent work has been devoted to explaining why, to date, nineteen of Canada's major federal and provincial parties have stopped using the traditional leadership convention to choose their leaders and switched to various forms of universal membership voting (UMV).(1) There are five forms of UMV, of which the most relevant here is telephone UMV.
Lewis, the UMV president, had the Blair Mountain survivors shipped in for good luck, to show that the bank could survive anything.
Based on the terrain in which mobile robotics operates, the Global Mobile Robotics market can be segmented into three: UGV, UAV, and UMV.