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This study was registered as a clinical trial with the University Hospital Medical Information Network in Japan (UMIN Critical Trial Registry UMIN000008468).
Pearson's correlation coefficient ([r.sup.2]) and its respective probability (P), number of samples (N) between the independent variables: maximum temperature (TMAX), minimum temperature (TMIN), maximum relative humidity (UMAX) and minimum relative humidity (UMIN), rainfall (PREC) and dependent variables: mite invasion in pupae cells, infestation of the mite on adult honeybees, total and effective reproduction of the mite.
Although being a pilot study, this study was registered in the UMIN Clinical Trial Registry (UMIN000006268).
Co-penned and produced by hitmaker Wei Te-sheng and directed by tyro helmer Umin Boya, this $10 million production revisits Taiwan's long-suppressed colonial past with great authenticity and resplendent style, anchored by Masatoshi Nagase's masterful performance as the inspiring coach.
60 or 120 L/min at up to 99.9% purity without an internal compressor, and 34 Umin with a compressor.
The protocol was reported to the UMIN clinical trials registry and given the code number UMIN000007245.
Al ha maase hanaot hanovea min hachova haarkit umin haneemanut haezrachit," in Yeshayahu Leibowitz: beyn shamranut laradikaliut, ed.
Wasserman and colleagues have suggested that an absolute difference (between the MW and exercise ventilation) of 10-15 Umin is consistent with a ventilatory limitation.
The ultra-high-temperature TW-HTW unit is available in a 7-gal/min (25 Umin) configuration.
WHO primary registries and by WHO region, language, area of coverage, and number of trials registered WHO primary Registry registries and language WHO region besides English Africa Pan African (PACTR) Americas Eastern Mediterranean Iranian (IRCT) Persian Europe ISRCTN Dutch Netherlands National (NTR) German (DRKS) German Southeast Asia Chinese registry Chinese (ChiCTR) Indian (CTRI) Sri Lanka (SLCTR) Western Pacific Australia-New Zealand (ANZCTR) Japanese network Japanese (3 registries) UMIN JapicCTI JMACCT CTR No.
Established in January 2007, UMIN was mandated to monitor the Maoist army and state army and assist the country hold a special assembly election, which was held in 2008.