UNAAFUnified Action Armed Forces
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(25.) Joint Chiefs of Staff, Unified Action for Armed Forces (UNAAF), Joint Publication 0-2, 10 July 2001, I-3, http://www.dtic.mil/doctrine/jel/new_pubs/jp0_2.pdf.
Furthermore, the UNAAF already provides a mechanism to deal with the situation of one commander directing operations in another's area of responsibility, as detailed above.
(34.) The three most relevant joint publications are: UNAAF; Joint Chiefs of Staff, Doctrine for Joint Operations, Joint Pub 3-0 (Washington, D.C.: 10 September 2001); and Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Warfare of the Armed Forces of the United States, Joint Pub 1 (Washington, D.C.: 14 November 2000).
UNAAF reaffirms the primacy of joint force commanders and acknowledges that its intent is meeting their needs while maintaining the integrity of service organizations:
UNAAF recognizes that these task forces are organized, trained, and equipped to fight as integrated and interdependent units.
Proponents of functional componency who object to organic MAGTF aviation assets forget that UNAAF makes provisions for commanders to make the following sorties available:
Clearly, the intent of UNAAF is ensuring that MAGTFs are employed generally as designed, but not at the expense of the overall joint force mission.
UNAAF also identifies excess sorties as the excess of MAGTF direct support requirements.
Failure to uphold the intent of UNAAF, and thus compromising MAGTF integrity, could have several results:
UNAAF states that MAGTF commanders have operational control over their organic air assets and JFCs should allow service assets to function as designed.
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