UNACUnited Nations Association in Canada
UNACUnited Nurses Associations of California (Union of Health Care Professionals; San Dimas, CA)
UNACUniversidad Nacional del Callao (Peru)
UNACUnion Nationale des Auteurs et Compositeurs (French: National Union of Authors and Composers; est. 1959)
UNACUpland NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Assistance Committee (resource management assistance consortium; Philippines)
UNACUniversal Accommodation (Coventry, UK)
UNACUnited Nations Association of Cuba
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8226; 250VAC, 310VAC, 350VAC, 480VAC maximum continuous AC voltage (50Hz / 60Hz) range, UNAC
But what is different about the UNAC votes is that they were taken on amendments to an omnibus Action Proposal calling for specific actions, foremost among them nationally-coordinated local antiwar actions in the fall, and national mobilizations in NY and SF in the spring.
Dynamicity of the infinitive and modality--French TR UNERG UNAC total # % # % # % # % entendre 194 58.
SNPNC and UNAC, two French unions for flight attendants which called the strike, object to European Union plans to regulate how flight attendants are trained and hired across the EU.
UNAC dug into court records and deed books, released studies to the news media, and staged sit-ins at bank branches.
When the Party of Democratic Kampuchea refused to demobilize its troops and continue to participate in the process, none of the factions demobilized, and UNAC faced a major obstacle.
This is a 2 1/2 to 1 mortgage down payment program, according to Bruce Marks, executive director of UNAC, where only 1 percent comes from the borrower and 1 1/2 percent comes from grants, loans or gifts.
The UNAC contract agreement at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center also includes professional staff.
Joe Lombardo, a coordinator of UNAC - United National Antiwar Coalition;
Air France inked a set of determinations with the three cabin crew unions (SNPNC, UNAC and UNSA) who will give rise to a new collective cabin crew agreement before 15 March 2013.
In its letter to the DHS, Kaiser said it would endorse a ratio proposal by SEIU and UNAC, two organizations with which it has a labor-management partnership scheme.
He is actively involved with the United Nations Association In Canada (UNAC), as Director and Chairman of the UNAC Corporate Outreach Program, and for seven years served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC).